Nowadays, when your ‘usual’ skin care isn’t sufficient anymore, it is possible to book spectacular results by means of so-called micro-injections. For the general public ‘Botox’ is the name of the game, to the extent that nearly all forms of this relatively new anti-ageing treatments are referred to as such. However, there are many more options to choose from. Depending on the treatment aims one can opt for: botox, Cosmetic Mesotherapy, Fillers / Injectables ore Fruit acids.


With the active substances of ‘Acti-Lift’ in 5 sterile ampoules you are presented with the most powerful combination imaginable. There are several procedures to use these active ingredients:

a. Using Acti-Lift as ampoules containing very powerful active ingredients and massage into the skin, or let the skin absorb it by applying it as a mask. 
b. Bringing Acti-Lift into the skin using ultrasound, which is said to stimulate penetration. 
c. Acti-Lift through cosmetic mesotherapy, for more information see below.

Cosmetic Mesotherapy

Cosmetic mesotherapy is the most effective treatment. This treatment offers the only procedure which is guaranteed to bring an absolute 100% of the active substances into the skin, by breaking through the upper barrier. The powerful active ingredients of ‘Acti-Lift’ stimulate the production of new fibroblasts (needed for collagen and elastic fibers). They also tighten the skin and optimize its moisture balance. As a result the skin will be both firmer and more elastic and it will be in excellent condition.

Obviously, the final result depends on the type of active substances used. Its effect is also subject to the type of skin problem that is treated. Due to its year-long experience and research, Medex has been able to assemble a combination of active substances: ‘Acti-Lift’. With this product you can guarantee your client that – especially when she has seriously sagging and/or dehydrated skin – a cure of 5 treatments will make her look beautiful, radiant and young again.