Conture Make-Up

All the members of our team have professional qualifications and your wistes are always the focus of our business.

Petra Kiehn only uses the LONG-TIME-LINER method and since 1977 she has used this method on more than 2.500 clients.

Petra Kiehn

Conture Make-up


This means long-term or LONG-TIME-LINER make up. We improve the natural look of your eyes, brows and lips. Using this method thin, patchy eyebrows become fuller, small eyes appear larger and thin lips have a fuller and more beautiful appearance.

How does it work

Mineral rich pigment colour is inserted into the top layer of your skin with specially designed, safe equipment. The colour is only inserted in to the upper skin layers and therefore you will be absolutely scarless and (usually) free of swelling. The LONG-TIME-LINER- System only uses medically certified products. It is important to make sure your face is only touched for such treatment by skilled hands and well trained professionals.

The difference between Conture‑ Make‑ up and Permanent‑Make‑up is as follows:

With LONG-TIME-LINER you will have no bleeding, no swelling and no redness after the treatment. The equipment is certified in accordance with regulation no. 93/42/EWG for medical equipment in Germany.


Eyebrows often grow thin and irregular due to regular eyebrow shaping and waxing. Eyebrow tints are only a short‑term solution because a single eyebrow‑hair falls out within four weeks. Conture ‑Make‑ up is the perfect solution; as the precision measured eye brow shape can be drawn in several colours in order to appear quite natural. The result will last for 3‑5‑ years until it fades naturally.


Pigmentation of the upper and lower eye lids thickens the lashes and defines your eyes beautifully. The precision working of Conture 2000 inserts the colour only into upper skin in which there is no blood vessels or nerves. Pigmentation of the eye line takes approximately 60 minutes. All outlines are drawn with a non‑permanent pen, to enable as many corrections as may be needed. We shall measure your face and then decide upon the most appropriate and enhancing shape and colour for you. The treatment only commences after full consultation and consideration and of course your agreement on both shape and colour.


We usually draw the natural lip line with the chosen colour. Depending on your requirements we are able to enhance the natural lip‑shape with a flush of colour. Should you wish to enlarge or correct your lip shape, then we shall fill in the space between the new contour and your natural outline with colour thereby ensuring that the new shape looks natural. This full lip tint is our speciality and guarantees a better look!

If you are interested in Conture‑Make‑up® please give us a call. We are at your disposal for a not‑binding, free consultation including conturing with a non‑permanent pen.